The Little Scarecrow Boy by Margaret Wise Brown and David Diaz

Some authors seem to have a knack for getting down on a child’s level. Margaret Wise Brown is clearly one of them. Her Goodnight Moon has been one of the most well-loved children’s books of all time. The Little Scarecrow Boy is a very different sort of story and suited to a slightly older child than Goodnight Moon, but it is a wonderful story that both appeals to children and is a great read aloud. The text contains some slight repetition which adds to that appeal (“And every day of the world his little scarecrow boy wanted to come too. And every day of the world old man scarecrow said,…”). The story is a classic one: a little boy wants to help his father but must wait until he grows up; he’s not “fierce enough to scare a crow.” David Diaz’s pictures are a perfect compliment to this charming story. He manages to capture the feel of a ripe cornfield in the morning light with his color choice, and he also gives the scarecrows wonderfully “fierce faces” without being frightening. If you want a chance to show off your dramatic skills and make some fierce faces, this is the book to read aloud to a child or group of children! Check your local library for a copy.