I am a tea snob. There, I’ve confessed it to whoever didn’t already know. I prefer loose tea from pricey places like Teavana. I scorn most Republic of Tea offerings (no offense, Megan). I’m more than willing to drink cheap black tea (i.e. Bigelow, Twinings, etc.) when I’m in a hurry, there is no other choice, or simply desperate for some quick caffeine; this is because tea is absolutely crucial to my current existence, even in cheap form.

That confession out in the open, I must now confess to an even deeper secret: despite trying some of the best, most authentic green tea out there, I do not like it…. I do not like green tea loose, I do not like green tea with a moose. I do not like green tea in a glass, I think green tea tastes like grass. I do not like it, Sam I Am.

However, I do like Celestial Seasonings Green Tea with Antioxidants! This is an inexpensive green tea that is readily available at grocery stores. I believe it’s now called Green Tea with Antioxidant Boost. Why do I like this particular green tea? Because it doesn’t taste like green tea! It’s got a slightly citrus-y flavor that is very refreshing, particularly on warmer days when a steaming cup of black tea seems a touch overkill. It’s a great vitamin C booster as well. Try it! (I also like Moroccan Mint from Teavana because it doesn’t taste like green tea either….)