I’m working on broadening my horizons.

Yesterday I went to The Fresh Market and indulged in purchasing samples. I’ve been cleaning out my tea drawer, discarding teas that are past their prime and using up favorites to make room for new varieties. Having agonized over where to begin reviewing, I finally chose Revolution: A variety of tea flavors (2) which contains five charming, individually boxed teas in a classy matchbox-style wrapper. I confess I was seduced by the presentation! This is charming enough to be included in a gift basket, though at $2.69 ($0.54/cup) it is nearer the luxury value. The flavors in this package are Dragon Eye Oolong, Bombay Chai, White Tangerine, Southern Mint Herbal and Honeybush Caramel. Last night my husband and I enjoyed the Southern Mint and Honeybush Caramel.

My husband is very fond of Plantation Mint and Mint Medley, so he tried the Southern Mint. We agreed it has a fine (read that “quality” not “acceptable”) smell and looks quite green in the cup! It tastes good with a purer peppermint taste than Mint Medley, which is blended with other ingredients. He liked it—very good.

My Honeybush Caramel (sugar, no milk this time) is delicious. Mmm, smooth and sweet. Not too complicated, but the flavor pleasantly lingers in my mouth with no bitter aftertaste. A good complement to dessert for those who are sensitive to caffeine.

Both flavors are definitely recommended. Further commentary will follow.