I know this is not Betsy’s favorite brand of tea, but it still works for me.

Malls create a natural environment for indulgence, and after several hours visiting one overgrown shopping center, I needed cold, unsweetened refreshment. I happened to stop by one store that carried bottles of Republic of Tea Passionfruit Green Tea, which just hit the spot that day. Although I’m not usually a green tea fan (though I might learn to adjust, given the right inducements and varieties), this did not have a strong “green” flavor. It tasted more like light, unsweetened fruit juice, with the right amount of tea-ness I desired. I am also fond of several Celestial Seasonings herbal iced teas, and this was a similar experience. It is expensive (over $3.00 for 12 oz. at this venue), but perfectly suited to my need. Definitely one I’ll try again (or maybe another flavor next time…).