Audio books are wonderful ways to pass the time on a road trip, encourage children’s reading comprehension, or simply fill in the time while doing housework and other projects around the house. A really well narrated work is a true delight.

C. S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia are undisputed children’s classics (and Christian classics). Due to the recent well done movies, Lewis’s Narnia books are enjoying a resurgence of popularity. I highly recommend “rereading” these books via audio format if you get a chance. The set pictured with the movie photo of Aslan is the new cover for the HarperAudio set of CD’s I own. Produced in 2006, each book is narrated by a different well known British actor/actress (Lynn Redgrave, Kenneth Branagh, Derek Jacobi, Michael York, Patrick Stewart, Alex Jennings, and Jeremy Northam). The set pictured with the illustrated version of Aslan is the HaperChildren’sAudio version (2004). My CD set actually has this cover, although the cover now is only on the older version which has older recordings narrated by different actors. If you find a set in a used book store or at a place like Sam’s (where we found ours), you might check the date and/or list of narrators if you’re picky.

I can’t recommend the set I have highly enough!!! These narrators are good at what they do. Even though I know the books backwards and forwards, I find myself wanting to dream up new errands to run simply so I can see what happens when Shasta and Bree head across the desert. What about Reepicheep heading to the Aslan’s country? The narration makes these books come alive in a different way than merely reading them silently. Even my two year old is interested in them; while driving, I’ll hear her pipe up from the back seat, “Mr. Tumnus” or “Lucy.” She doesn’t get the entire plot, but she has really picked up on the different characters.