While we’re on the subject of Teavana’s divine teas, I must review my family’s favorite: Rooibos Tropica. I don’t like plain Rooibos (aka the African Red Tea to many), but this concoction is perfection!

It’s got a floral, fruity aroma and taste–sweet without any added sugar. It makes a wonderful iced tea as well, especially if you’re trying to cut back on sugar. It doesn’t have a “sweet tea” flavor when iced, but it does have a faint sweetness that precludes the need for added sugar. It’s a favorite of both mine and my husband’s, hot or iced. Since Rooibos is naturally caffeine free, we can enjoy this tea any time, day or night.

I also enjoy rose tea (similar to rose hip or hibiscus); Teavana carries a Rooibos Rose tea that is quite similar to the Tropica and just as delightful.