Daisy Dawson is On Her Way
Steve Voake, auth
Jessica Meserve, ill

Daisy Dawson dawdles. And she can understand what animals and bugs are saying! So she talks back. Which makes her dawdle some more….which makes her late to class….again.

Daisy walks to school each day and looks to be in first grade or so (we don’t actually know). The beginning was a little fluffy, but the book quickly slips into Daisy’s little adventures. After all, it isn’t every little girl who can understand what the animals are saying! Humorous and appropriately paced, this promises to be a delightful little series.

I can’t wait to read more of Daisy Dawson. Illustrations are charming line drawings on nearly every page. This early reader/chapter book is perfect for those new readers in your life who are ready to read more on their own, but not quite ready for pages and pages without pictures. I like that some text is italicized and some, like the ant’s voice, is made really tiny–these sorts of things help new readers learn to read aloud better because they see what to empathize.

Recommended for early readers; kindergarten through 3rd grade maybe (read aloud to the 3 year old and up crowd if your kids have good attention spans)