I was at my friend Brandy’s house this morning (we could talk books for HOURS–really, people, we have play dates for our kids as an excuse to hang out on the couch and talk books…; it’s almost as bad as when Megan and I have one of our scheduled phone calls….). Anyway, I was brainstorming with her how to discuss books I loved as a kid but haven’t read since, books that are… well… old, and books that are “classics”–and she coined “Retro Reads” for me. Brilliant.

Here’s what you’ll find in Retro Reads (hopefully Megan and co. will join in):

  • book reviews about books I loved back in the day but haven’t reread as a critic; think of it as the kid’s perspective, only from about 25 years distant (Wrinkle in Time, Bridge to Terebithia)
  • book reviews about books that are no longer “contemporary” and have to be lumped into historical fiction… but they’re really not what most grownups consider historical (Ramona Quimby, Age 8–joke’s on us, right?!)
  • book reviews about recognized classics (Heidi, Tom Sawyer, etc.)

I’ll index them in with the rest, but label them “Retro Reads” so you know what kind of a review you’re getting. If I missed sex, drugs, rock and roll in the book as a kid, it’s safe to assume your kid will probably overlook them, too :-).

And now, my tea (Tetley British Blend–I need a serious wake up call this afternoon) is finished steeping and I’m off to read a stimulating Library Science textbook all about Collection Development (aka, buying more books for your library shelves). You should know that Retro Reads will comprise much of my reviews this fall since no one really wants me to review Collection and Development for the 21st century (or whatever it’s called) in this particular blog space….