All-of-a-Kind Family
Sydney Taylor

This book review is in honor of dear Megan who is enjoying having her beautiful new baby finally in her arms! (Another boy 🙂 ). Congratulations, Megan and family!

I know Megan read these books growing up and harbors all kinds of warm fuzzies toward them. What a great choice for my first Retro Reads post!

All-of-a-Kind Family is one of those books like The Five Little Peppers that makes you kind of (secretly, even) wish you were poor. The family is so loving, cheerful, hard-working, and kind that poverty looks downright enviable. The mother is devoted to her home and children, the hard-working husband comes home to children who are eager to shower him with affection, and all are working together to pinch pennies where necessary, sacrifice immediate gratification, and save up for wonderful family celebrations.

The All-of-Kind Family calls themselves this because they are “all of a kind”–5 daughters. They are Jewish and follow the Jewish calendar faithfully, so there are delightful descriptions of Sabbath, Purim, and other Jewish holidays. The setting is early 20th century, East Side New York City–so there are charming descriptions of immigrant/tenement life as well. Like so many books published in the 1950’s, this one celebrates family, self discipline, and making the best out of life.

Recommended for elementary and middle school students; girls will likely enjoy these more than boys