I’ve done some traveling this summer and have been forced to confront this ugly truth over and over: NOTHING tastes good in styrofoam (unless it’s instant hot chocolate mix and I’m sitting around a campfire…). But I digress.

I’m not sure if coffee tastes as terrible in styrofoam, but tea is downright undrinkable–even if you start with something halfway decent, like Twinings.

Another thought has occurred to me during my travels: why, oh why, don’t fast food restaurants offer hot tea? Think about it: you don’t have to do ANY prep. As long as you have a hot water dispenser, you simply need to have a stash of tea bags. That’s it. No clean up. No wasted tea to throw out at the end of the day. No filters to buy. Nada. Zip. Maybe my favorite Chick-Fil-A will see this post and start offering hot tea. Then, there truly will be no competition to the great chicken sandwich (and bendy straws–CFA is the only one to wise up to this genius idea for kiddos!).

Any thoughts from the peanut gallery? Any places you’ve found suitable hot tea options (other than coffee houses and establishments like Panera)? (note that I said “suitable”–I’m not even asking for delicious here… just something drinkable)