Pocketful of Posies: A Treasury of Nursery Rhymes
Sally Mavor, illustrator
Boston Globe-Hornbook Winner

Back in graduate school–well, the first time around–my fellow blogger, Megan, and I created lavish spreads for the story of Cinderella. We enlisted the help of some young grade school students and together crafted the scenes from found objects. It took quite a bit of work for an even remotely presentable final product.

Since those days, Megan and I both have worked on various sewing projects and the like for our homes and children. And we know how much time and effort goes into those endeavors as well.

That is why I am amazed at this book, truly amazed. Mavor has taken well known nursery rhymes and illustrated them by sewing/creating scenes out of fabric and small objects; the scenes are photographs of her creations. This is a book to pour over, to examine closely. The illustration for “Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary” is one of my favorites because there are actual little bells sewn into the “picture.” Both boys and girls will enjoy this one; the “illustrations” are not girly. They celebrate the beauty that textiles bring to our lives and also to the beauty one can create when creativity goes hand in hand with skill. The characters for each nursery rhyme are small dolls that are begging to be picked up and played with–facial expressions are painted on and each one has an appropriate costume.