Our women’s book club usually reads the “classics.” This has been great fun because we often find that we either enjoy these classics much more as grownups (The Scarlet Letter is a good example) or we never read them in the first place (Ethan Frome is next on this list; I haven’t read that one). I don’t make many of the meetings anymore, but I must share what they did recently with The Secret Garden.

Instead of the usual Panera meeting, they met at a lady’s house and had a dinner in keeping with the book. What to eat? Colin and Mary didn’t eat all the fancy food in the big manor house; they were trying to keep their growing energy a secret from their caretakers. So, what did they eat? Dickon brought them roasted potatoes, wedges of cheese, crusty bread, and the like: hearty food. The book club decided to go with Dickon’s inspiration and had beef stew, crusty bread, and salad. They did drink tea (I lobbied for rose hip tea in honor of the garden, but I don’t know what they had).

That got me thinking: what other book/meals (or dish) combos can you think of? I know a few people out there in blog-land read this little blog…. What do you think? Megan has brought this up before, too.

Here are some to get you started–feel free to leave more in the comments!

Little Women: “blancmange” in honor of Jo carrying some over to Laurie all the time (it’s really just a simple cornstarch thickened vanilla pudding)

Bedtime for Frances: cake!

Mile High Roarious Skittle Skat Angel Food Cake: a really big beautiful cake

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie: cookies