My Name is Elizabeth!
Annika Dunklee, author
Matthew Forsythe, illustrator
Kids Can Press, Ltd.

I’ve been waiting to review this until my daughter actually opened this book for her birthday. I was afraid she would see it and ask me questions about it! (The “problems” of having a child who can now read!)

My Name is Elizabeth! is a marvelous addition to the picture book realm. I hope more than those named Elizabeth read it; it’s a book for anyone with a slightly longer name and/or one that habitually gets shortened. Since my name is actually NOT Elizabeth, I sympathize as well–people are constantly asking me about my “real” name. Well, folks, my “real” name is Betsy! My daughter’s: Elizabeth. No shortcuts. So she and I both enjoy this book tremendously (and “Betsy” gets a mention as a nickname!). I especially love the final page when a little brother attempts to pronounce Elizabeth: we’ve heard those garbled attempts A LOT in this house.

But the art just makes it. Don’t you love that cover? The art inside is the same color scheme and style–very retro in feel but quite up to date at the same time. This book just hit shelves in September so it may be hard to find in your local library. If your name is Elizabeth, you might as well just buy it straight up! 🙂

Preschoolers will love this book–and so will their older siblings and parents