Play With Me
Marie Hall Ets
Caldecott Honor

We don’t have only sweet, quiet books here at our house, but I think far too many people in today’s society overlook these older, quiet books–so I’m bringing them to your attention during National Picture Book Month. I listed this title in an older post on Restful Illustrations. That’s a great description for this gentle book.

A little girl goes outside to play (by herself!) and tries to get various animals to play with her. Eventually, she sits down and is quiet, discouraged perhaps because all the animals have been running away. As she sits there, though, the animals begin to creep back out and be with her.

This is a great book for young children, both for naptime reading time and other times throughout the day. Take it on your next picnic and read it outside! This is the kind of book my kids have enjoyed looking at on their own–something about those peaceful illustrations invite pondering.