B is for Bethlehem
Isabel Wilner, author
Elisa Kleven, illustrator
2004–board book

It’s a little late to let everyone know about this charming Christmas book, but I’m afraid I’ll forget next year! I’ve had this book for years, and my children have grown to love it as well. The illustrations are sparkly collage style and provide a wonderful twist near the end–you realize a group of children has been acting out the Christmas story. The text is simple couplets that walk the reader/listener through the Christmas story–including a wonderful reminder at the end that Jesus came for everyone! Amazingly, the author created this in ABC order and still keeps the order of the Christmas story. She begins with Augustus and ends with Zanzibar.

I like that this book is different from the usual Christmas story fare; it’s a nice counterpoint both in illustrative style and in text format while still reinforcing the biblical story of Christmas. The board book edition makes a wonderful gift for toddlers.