One of my “themes” for this semester (or, maybe the whole year!) is to “keep short accounts.” To finish what I start in a timely fashion, to not take on new projects until I’ve finished what I’ve already started, and get caught up on the current open-ended issues (Megan should be chortling heartily about now–she and I are two peas in a pod when it comes to taking on new projects… or, at least, dreaming them up).

At any rate, what this means for my reading is twofold:

-potentially not as much (after all, the children do need to be fed, the house cleaned, the homework done, and the clothes cleaned)

-to read the books in my own house that I haven’t read yet!! Therefore, fewer “new releases,” as it were, and more “old favorites” (I have stacks of books that have been loaned to me and/or picked up at thrift stores and are still unread….). I truly can’t bear to part with books that I haven’t even read yet! Must read at least part in order to determine if the book  needs to vacate the premises or earn a spot on the already, over-crowded shelves.

Hopefully, I’ll catch up by summer and can start tackling new releases again.