The Adventures of Sir Lancelot the Great (The Knights’ Tales)
Gerald Morris
Houghton Mifflin Books for Children

I flew through this book on my Nook and chortled the whole way through. I thoroughly enjoy Morris’s irreverent take on the Arthurian legend. Kids who are bored with the usual romantic treatment of this era will appreciate Morris’s wry authorial intrusions throughout; in describing a fight scene, he often makes comments such as (not a direct quote), “I won’t describe the entire fight in detail since fights are always more interesting to watch than to actually read about.”

Sir Lancelot quests and adventures his way through this short, illustrated volume, rescuing damsels in distress, fighting jousts and duels, and learning a bit about character development along the way. Prose is perfect for newly independent readers; I think struggling older readers would appreciate these books as well.

Recommended for elementary and up