Books Children Love
Elizabeth Laraway Wilson
Susan Schaeffer Macaulay

Another must have resource for parents! Those familiar with Francis Schaeffer may recognize his daughter’s name as one of the co-authors. Wilson and Laraway have put together a terrific collection of book lists in the educational spirit of Charlotte Mason who advocated “living books” as a means to educate children (instead of “dead textbooks”). Thus, the book is filled with lists of nonfiction books that are really interesting to children and accurate enough to be good sources of information. There are nonfiction categories as well (fantasy, fairy tales, etc.), but I think the nonfiction sections really shine. So many other lists for children ignore these types of categories or under-represent them. Nice, succinct summaries of books are provided so that readers can know what the book is about. Lists are categorized and well-organized.

Again, a print-based book of book lists can only include books published before its own publication date. Megan and I seek, on this blog, to direct you to recent books that might be included in such worthy resources as this when next they are updated. (And critically evaluate current resources in general) We also enjoy reviewing books that have already been covered in such books as Books Children Love and examining whether they have stood the test of time.