This announcement is more for the benefit of our regular subscribers (thank you!! We’re honored you want us showing up in your feed reader or inbox on a regular basis!).

You will no doubt have seen our book review indices come through in recent weeks along with some “foundational” documents regarding Truth and Story in literature–hope you enjoy them! But we’re reorganizing the site a touch, and you will continue to see some items along those lines as we post them simply in order to link back to them from the top navigation bar. Have patience☺. We’ll get back to more interesting content. (Of course, Megan and I think book lists are wildly interesting and could peruse them and create them for hours. A perfect afternoon could be spent drinking tea and discussing books and reading to and with our children and husbands.)

In addition to frequent emails and occasional phone calls, Megan and I have a wiki off site where we have been compiling/editing information and documents from our own archives–these new posts all are “posted by Betsy” but you can rest assured that they are a joint production (and, in many cases, all Megan’s amazing words/explanations!). 

We hope the new organization of the site (and the new information) will provide a great resource for folks who want to seek out great books for their families! If you are a regular subscriber and don’t visit the actual blog site often, we recommend that you check it out in coming weeks to familiarize yourself with the layout and organization–it’s not going to be terribly different, just a bit more streamlined and user-friendly (we hope).