Some of these below are also linked with picture books, easy readers, etc. if all the books on the list fall under that category. But often we’ll throw out a wide range of reading levels all on the same general topic; after all, many of us have children at home at all different levels! So, here’s the full weekly round-up list….

Olympic-Themed Reading (MG, Easy Readers, London/sports)
7 Books, 7 Girls, 7 Histories (MG Historical Fiction)
Around the World in 8 Chapter Books
It’s a Bug’s Life (some favorites from picture books to Charlotte’s Web)
African American History Month (a few notable selections)
Usborne-Kane Miller Favorites
Poetry for Children (some favorite resources)
Ballet Books! (picture books through chapter books)
Folk Tale/Fairy Tale Picture Books (can apply to multiple ages!)
Fairy Tale Anthologies
Tea in Children’s Books
I Love You in Picture Books 
Honest Abe (mostly MG level reads about Abraham Lincoln)
Fun February Reads (mostly MG graphic novels and notebook novels)
Valentine Books (picture books)
Advent Round-up (picture books)
Favorite 2012 Picture Books

Clever Counters (counting concept picture books)
Restful Illustrations (mostly musings, but a few titles included)

Single Protagonist/Main Character Easy Readers
Person + Pet Easy Readers
2012 Geisel Award Winners (Easy Readers)
Crazy, Zany Easy Readers
Literary Favorites (Easy Readers)
Best Friends in Easy Reader Land 

The 1960’s for Middle Grades

Betsy’s Summer (2012) Grown-up Nonfiction Reads 
Picture Book Baseball Bio’s
Moose Books! (picture books)