The Chestnut King
(100 Cupboards Trilogy)
N. D. Wilson
Random House

I neglected to review this final book in the 100 Cupboards Trilogy last year when I whipped through the three books (see 100 Cupboards and–my favorite–Dandelion Fire reviews). I must say, Wilson knows how to end a series with a bang. Seriously.

One of the reasons fantasy can be so enjoyable is that it helps us picture the reality lurking outside our temporal, earth-bound viewpoints. The Story of the Bible is grand, over-arching, and firmly grounded in a spiritual realty that the earth merely participates in. And there are battles being waged that we can’t see. And there are truly wicked forces at work–and the heroes that rise up to fight for the side of good aren’t always the strong, beautiful, or brave folks. But they are fighting for what they believe in because they have been called to do so.

This is what The Chestnut King communicates so well: epic battle, incredibly wicked foes, ordinary heroes, sacrifice, reunion–just what the final book in an epic fantasy trilogy should be.

For things to Note/Discuss, see the Dandelion Fire review, in particular.

Recommended for upper elementary and up (same as the rest of the series); sophisticated enough for young adults and grown-ups to enjoy as well.

Cover image from goodreads

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