Announcing our first giveaway winners! (Determined through the VERY scientific process of drawing names out of a hat ☺).

Planting a Rainbow goes to “daughtermommie.”

Growing Vegetable Soup goes to “Jason Kaiser.”

Congratulations!! If you would email me with your snail mail address, we’ll be happy to get those out to you! I’m fyona(at)gmail(dot)com.

Second order of business is some weekend fun for you and your kids. Last week we featured an activity to go with some board books. This week, we’re bumping it up to those early readers we love. You no doubt remember Green Eggs and Ham from when you were a child yourself, but if you haven’t witnessed its enduring magic with a child in your life, make haste to check this book out at the library next time you’re there! Perfect for those just starting to read, this book is a delight for children with its silliness, approachable text, and zany illustrations.

And, you might try this delicious “Green Eggs and Ham” recipe when you read the book! One morning, I had some spinach languishing in the fridge, some leftover ham, and some eggs…

And here you go! Green eggs and ham. I accidentally deleted my picture of it; it’s more “yellow eggs with flecks of green.” The kids eat this–you cannot taste the spinach. Feel free to add in a little cheese, too. That’s also yummy.

  • Fresh spinach
  • Ham chunks
  • Eggs

Amounts vary depending on your family. Remember, spinach cooks down quite a bit. Saute a few handfuls of spinach in a tiny amount of water, tossing and turning over, until wilted/cooked (don’t cook it to death). Drain well and chop. Add chopped ham and chopped spinach to beaten eggs. Scramble as you would normally.