My mother-in-law has started a very cool teacup collection for my daughter. As a break from book-related posts, I thought I’d share this lovely idea.

In the photo, you will see an assortment of demitasse cups and saucers. Starting with the far left and moving clockwise around, they are (1) my great grandmother’s fine china, (2) my grandmother’s fine china, (3) one of the patterns from my mother-in-law’s side, (4) my mother-in-law’s china, (5) another pattern from my mother-in-law’s side, and (6) another of my grandmother’s. I need to track down my dad’s mother’s pattern. We also need to round up a cup in my pattern and my mother’s. Ebay and Replacements, Ltd. have been the main sources so far.

Pretty neat, isn’t it?! Whenever my mother-in-law decides to give these to my daughter, my daughter will have a tangible reflection of the generations of women who have come before her. It’s a “teacup history.”