(This is a repost of a review of this book I did back in February… Contents below are identical, but the book comes out this month, so I wanted to draw your attention to it again!)

Bink and Gollie: Two for One
Kate DiCamillo, author
Alison McGhee, author
Tony Fucillo, illustrator

We thoroughly enjoyed Bink and Gollie, and I am delighted to see these friends return in a new set of adventures! Early reader/chapter books really shine when both text and illustrations are at the top of their game; Bink and Gollie books provide a terrific example. Once again, DiCamillo and McGhee have given us funny stores about two devoted friends who have different interests and adventures, but who wind up supporting each other as only best friends can do. And once again, Fucillo’s illustrations really steal the show. His use of color, the graphic novel feel of some pages, his use of perspective–perfect.

In this installment, Bink and Gollie are state fair bound. Being a bit of a state fair fan myself, I eagerly pounced upon their adventures. While Bink and Gollie are at the state fair, they experience a “whack-a-duck” game with disastrous (yet friendly) consequences, a talent show complete with stage fright, and a fortune teller. The fortune teller chapter is my favorite: it showcases all the best parts of this team of writers/illustrator. The name of the fortune teller, the differences in Bink and Gollie, the expressions on the girls’ faces. Here’s a short excerpt of the text (wish I knew how to show you a spread from the book!):
“‘Tell Madame Prunely what it is you seek.'”  [Prunely–what a GREAT name!]
“‘Truth,’ said Gollie.”
“‘Food,’ said Bink.”

What does Madame Prunely tell them about their future? You’ll have to read it to find out!

Reviewed via netgalley; cover image from candlewick