We’ve been using My Father’s World for our Kindergarten curriculum and reading not only the recommended books on each topic (sun, moon, leaf and apples thus far), but also just about anything we can find at our libraries on the subject.

My favorite leaf book came out this year. It’s called A Leaf Can Be by Laura Purdie Salas with illustrations by Violeta Dabija. This is one I hope to add to our home library because it is beautiful, creative, poetic, informative and concise. Who would have thought that God made leaves so multi-functional?!

Here are the first few examples:

A leaf can be a
Soft cradle
Water ladle
Sun taker
Food maker

These descriptions are accompanied by soft, colorful illustrations that seem to glow, with detailed explanations and glossary at the end.

The rest of the brilliant observations are even better. Among them “skin welter,” “hill glow-er,” “fine healer,” to mention a few. Can you imagine?! Read the book!

Best in the leaf show–well done, Salas and Dabija!
Cover image from goodreads

What other leaf books can you suggest?