Maurice Sendak was a HUGE influence on children’s literature in general and picture books in particular. He died earlier this year, and there was a collective moan in the children’s literature world. What an impact this man had. What a gift for creating marvelous books that young children loved and grown-ups would secretly still take to bed if they thought they could get away with it. I remember Where the Wild Things Are vividly from my own childhood, and one of my children in particular is an avid fan (the others like it, too, but it seems to particularly resonate with one of my boys). We’re also big fans of the Nutshell Library as well as books he illustrated which were authored by others. And could there be a more perfect marriage of talent than the collaboration between Minarik and Sendak in the Little Bear books? See below for covers of some of these marvelous works, and head straight to the library to check them out!

The Nutshell Library: 
One Was Johnny, Chicken Soup with Rice, 
Alligators All Around, and Pierre

A Hole is to Dig (by Ruth Krauss)
What Can You Do With a Shoe? 
(by Beatrice Shenk deRegniers)

Little Bear books (by Else Holmelund Minarik)
What are YOUR favorite Sendak works?
cover images from goodreads