Greetings, Faithful Few…

Megan and I wanted to announce that LiterariTea will be living life in the slow lane, cyber-speaking, for the foreseeable future.

I still have picture books to review, we both still read avidly, and we’re still critiquing novels as well. But various life events in our personal lives* plus a very exciting site re-vamp at our more professional site (RedeemedReader) mean that we will be putting LiterariTea on the back burner for a while. We may post here and there, but it might be quite a while.

As we mentioned back when we joined RedeemedReader in March, we view LiterariTea as a hobby blog and RedeemedReader as our professional outlet. And that professional outlet is booming! So, if you’ve not stopped by RedeemedReader to check it out, we encourage you to do so. We’re both reviewing Christmas-themed picture books as well as looking at some audio book options for those traveling days ahead over on RedeemedReader this week and next.

And, in the meantime, we will both continue drinking copious quantities of tea (and chai!). We encourage you to do the same–to get offline for a bit, pour a cup of tea, and sit just quietly, sipping your tea.

*we won’t bore you with the details of our lives, but there are two exciting big things coming for us: one of us is having a baby in January (her 4th) and the other of us is scheduled to graduate with her MSIS in May. Good things, but both will be bringing their fare share of added responsibilities and time management strain :-).

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