coffee-cup-817483_1280My kids (ages 8, 8, and 10) and I have had tea time on Tuesday afternoon for years now. We took time off here and there depending on schooling, life circumstances, and mom’s negligence. But it’s a firm Tuesday tradition.

What do we eat, drink, and discuss? Why, tea and books and whatever assorted delicacies this mom can muster from the pantry. We are homeschooling this year; tea time Tuesday now doubles as our lit class for the week. My kids are also rotating through “tea time helper” duties weekly, so the kid-of-the-week helps determine what we actually consume. Nutella used to be a requirement, but now we branch out a bit.

This week’s Tea Time Tuesday featured the following:

  • Leftover pumpkin chocolate chip muffins (served on a napkin)
  • Chocolate chips (also on said napkin)
  • “Baby Tea”*
  • Discussion: setting and characters in Snow Treasure, our current (and exciting!) read aloud

*Baby Tea is a Scottish/British thing: it’s essentially black tea with LOTS of milk and sugar. Mom drinks hers with a smaller amount of milk and no sugar.