About Us

We are two friends who share a Savior, a love of children’s literature, and an addiction to tea. We have both married engineers, have similarly aged children (7 between the two of us), are in similar churches, and confer with one another on everything from nonfiction picture books to what to serve our families for dinner. We used to have book discussions in person (over tea, of course!), especially in our dorm room at Hollins; now that we are separated by 2600 miles, we continue to have them via digital technology like this site.

Professionally, our collective experience includes two English degrees from Covenant College, two Children’s Literature master’s degrees from Hollins University, two library science degrees (from different universities), children’s librarianship (public libraries and school libraries), classroom teaching experience (private school, Sunday school, homeschool), state book award committees, World Magazine Book of the Year Committees (Picture Book of the Year and Children’s Book of the Year–both ongoing), professional book review work for World Magazine and RedeemedReader (both ongoing).

About Literaritea

Literaritea rhymes with hilarity, rarity, and is a nice hybrid of literature and tea–two of our favorite things to enjoy and discuss.

Literaritea exists primarily for our own purposes, although we are delighted if it benefits others in the process. We use this site to remember what we’ve read, access types of books for the inevitable “what do I read to my kids?!” questions we get all.the.time, review books in a more casual manner than our professional outlets, share interesting quotes or poetry with one another, and to continue our book discussions with one another. Readers are most welcome to comment and participate in the grand conversation with us.

Please note: although we are both currently employed by Redeemed Reader and World Magazine, this site is in no way connected with either of those entities. The reviews, opinions, and comments on this site reflect our own personal interests and convictions.


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